Saturday, December 27, 2014

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Monday, December 22, 2014


It was a miserably hot day, just like every other day on the Hellfire Peninsula. She had never liked the place, but today it had her entirely on edge. Something bad was coming, she just didn't know what.

Despite her concern, their patrol was more or less uneventful ... until her brother directed her to land. Every last instinct she had said to get out, get away. Obediently, she set down on the ground, and he slid off her back. She couldn't keep still; she was looking in all directions, fidgety. There were fewer demons now, but Outland was still full of threats.

Her brother's cry of pain drew her attention back to him. She keened her denial as he fell to his knees, clutching an arrow that had sprouted from his throat.

The orcs closed in around her, their riding wolves snapping at her legs. She thrust herself into the air, breathing death on them until an arrow pierced her side.

She screamed defiance, demanding nothing less than vengeance. Her brother had spent his entire life in service to the Light - he deserved that much.

It was to her great surprise when pillars of white-hot flame answered her cry, flowering into existence where the orcs had been. The storm left nothing but ash in its wake, though her brother was untouched.

Ignoring her own pain, she collected his body in her talons and began to carry him to Shattrath.

She had to believe this could be fixed.

50 Word Thoughts - IX


She stared into that abyss in a kind of awed horror. She did not, could not understand it, that yawning void. It was lightless infinity condensed into an almost humanoid form. It had no eyes, but she could feel it looking at her, through her. Worse, she felt its hunger.


The bird people were fascinating, yet vicious. She watched as the burning light descended on the small village, obliterating it. To harness the full destructive power of the sun ... of course it would be unfortunate for the victims. But imagine such weapons turned against the Iron Horde: victory, assured.


The Lifebinder was beauty incarnate. She wore a mortal shell, but the queen of all dragons remained regal. The other dragons present were all powerful and unique in their fashions, and Chirp felt insignificant beside them. A small, gnomish hand tugged on her own. "You could catch flies like that."


She wasn't sure if it was the frostweed, the fish oil, or the simple combination. She tested the mix thoroughly, adjusting the recipe. The transformation would be complete, and permanent. It would change everything about her - physically anyway. She couldn't afford to be recognized by her old friends.