Thursday, February 23, 2012

Medicine (Just Like a Pill)

... Instead of making me better, it just made me ill.

So, might as well dust this off.

I have a thyroid problem. I'm not surprised really; we KNEW something was wrong. They tell me my thyroid levels are too high, so the best course of action should be to kill it with radiation - just completely obliterate a gland from my throat, but THAT'S plan A.

Or, it would be.

One small problem, however- in order to introduce the radiation to the thyroid gland, they would give me pills filled with radioactive iodine, I guess. Only, my iodine uptake levels are shit, so they literally CAN'T kill off my thyroid.

I'm not on any medication for that since apparently we're just going to wait and see what happens, but since I'm such a ball of sunshine and joy, the doctor started me on an antidepressant that isn't supposed to kick in fully for an entire month.

It's been two weeks. In that time, I have:

-had intrusive, frequent, suicidal thoughts

-had consistently depressed moods

-had brief near-manic mood swings

-had low to no appetite consistently (still hard to gauge when I'm full)

-had problems sleeping and/or slept too much

-had constant fatigue