Friday, October 23, 2015

7 Days to Die: Initial Thoughts

Oh holy Christ the player model (at least for females) is ugly as sin.

Significant tweaking makes it at least marginally palatable to look at, but nothing will fix the dead-eyed stare into my very soul. Maybe this game is a commentary on how the player is the zombie.


So my friends got me hooked on the idea that survival horror would be a really fun genre to try out, and more specifically that 7 Days to Die is the best game of its ilk to try it with.

My experience went something like this:

Make a character.

Start a world.

Walk down a road, looting every pile of trash compulsively with no idea what I'm doing.

Chased by zombies.

And then a dog.

And then also a bee.

Kill the dog.

Die to the bee and the zombies.

Respawn. This time in a desert.

Loot everything compulsively - I think I had like a hundred aloe vera by the time I died - this time, to a bear.

So then I got wise and decided maybe it's time to research the game I just bought.

The guide got me a little farther - I made it through a whole day this time - but I can tell I've still got a lot to learn.

I can tell this game has the same seductive siren's song as minecraft - you hit things until they break, take them, and make them into something better - while being the challenge I craved.

That said, it's probably better with friends.

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